Beyond Corporate Law


Beyond Corporate is Beyond’s specialist Corporate and Commercial Business. Established by the Group in 2017 it is considered to be one of the most experienced pragmatic and straight- talking commercial law firms in the North its is known for its commercial experience the quality of the work it does and the clients it acts for being some of the most respected entrepreneurial businesses both locally and nationally.

It sets itself apart by its impartiality and commerciality with a service culture of execution and better client outcome. Whether dealing with large and complex corporate and real estate transactions to micro enterprise and day to day commercial dilemmas and has also grown the team to provide specialist litigious advice when needed, it can provide the best lawyer or the best team and the best value and can do it with the agility and flexibility that independence allows.

BETTER for our people BETTER for clients

Evident of the Groups culture and approach. It brings people into the business from a wide talent pool and a breadth of backgrounds just like our clients.

We are committed to providing both traditional and non – traditional career paths in corporate and commercial law for our quailed and non-qualified lawyers
Beyond Corporate has an open culture providing the flexibility needed to commit to commercial areas of law which are often driven by the need for ferocity quick deadlines, 24/7 client service and a focus on execution and speed of response.